New colleague: Welcome Jonas!


Next week our new colleague Jonas starts working at Givt! He is going to beef up our development team in Belgium with his front end development skills. Here’s a short introduction: Read more>>

Giving is fun, giving is … a celebration!


Giving is not only a special gesture, but also makes people happy. So, reason enough to celebrate! Read More>>

Givt expands to the United Kingdom


Givt is a Household name in the Netherlands and we’re working hard to make sure that Givt can be used in more places and events. Read more>>

The NRC Live Fintech Impact audience award


At last! The NRC Live Fintech Impact Award, full of excitement, we have been waiting for the result. Read more>>

Givet, Givit, G.I.V.T, Gift, Givt


Givet, Givit, G.I.V.T, Gift, we have heard them all. Where does the name Givt come from? Read more>>

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