Givt tips: Remote collections


We are talking to a lot of churches these weeks. We provide, but also hear good tips on how to shape the collection during the corona crisis. Below are the highlights. We hope they’ll be useful to you. Good luck! Read more>>

Givt QR codes: The ins and outs


Everything you need to know about our QR codes. Read more>>

Givt at the New Wine Conference


Last week, Anthony, Inge, Quint and Renze represented the Givt team during the National Leadership Conference of New Wine. Read more>>

Givt joins UCAN for an inspirational day


Last week we were in the lovely Canada Water theater to join 100 church administrators from all over the UK, in a day filled with inspirational content and a pleasant meeting of minds. Read more>>

Givt makes first full-time hire in the UK!


Givt is thrilled to announce that we have signed on Barry Mooney to lead the growing presence of Givt in the UK. Read more>>

Giving is fun, giving is … a celebration!


Giving is not only a special gesture, but also makes people happy. So, reason enough to celebrate! Read More>>

Givt expands to the United Kingdom


Givt is a Household name in the Netherlands and we’re working hard to make sure that Givt can be used in more places and events. Read more>>

The NRC Live Fintech Impact audience award


At last! The NRC Live Fintech Impact Award, full of excitement, we have been waiting for the result. Read more>>

Givet, Givit, G.I.V.T, Gift, Givt


Givet, Givit, G.I.V.T, Gift, we have heard them all. Where does the name Givt come from? Read more>>

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