Givt tips for remote collections



We are talking to a lot of churches these weeks. We provide, but also hear good tips on how to shape the collection during the corona crisis. Below are the highlights. We hope they’ll be useful to you. Good luck!

·     Make sure to clearly communicate that people can give, people may not find this obvious if there is no physical service.
·     Let the collection moment happen as ‘normally’ as possible and pay attention to the collection as you usually would. For example, name the different ways of giving.
·     Remind people to make a donation at different moments. Repetition of the message ensures that the collection is not forgotten. Provide visibility during the livestream, on your website and in your weekly magazine or newsletter, for example.
·     Show the video ‘Ready to Give together’ when announcing the collection. The video explains that the collection can also be given remotely. You can use the video anywhere, on your website, on social media or during the livestream. (Download the video)
·     Place the QR code in the liturgy as well. Do you have the liturgy of the service online? Then place the QR code in the collection section.
·     Use Givt’s QR code during the livestream, on your website and in your emails. You can use the general QR code of your congregation for the regular services. If you keep a collection outside the services for a special purpose or project, you can also request a QR code with special allocation. Everything that is given via this QR code can be found under that allocation on the dashboard. This makes it easy to track how much has been given to a special fund. Request the QR code via your dashboard. (Read more about the QR code)

Do you have a collection tip? Let us know, who knows, you might be helping someone else with it. Tools for promoting the use of Givt can be found on our promotion page.