Promotional guidelines

Welcome to the webpage for the promotion of Givt in your church.

In our experience, setting up the communication about Givt is essential to also having the solution actively used by the churchgoers. If you follow the steps below, all your donors will know exactly how they can use it.

If there are other people responsible for the different subjects, you can invite them to that specific section of the website.

  • 1: Givt on your website

    Dedicate a section on your giving page to Givt, explaining what it is, how to get the app and how to use it. Use our tailored video for this, as well as our sample texts, download buttons and pictures.

  • 2: Givt during the livestream

    Show the Givt QR code and mention Givt as a possibility for giving in the slides before or during your live stream. If possible, include the video in the livestream as well, the first couple of services.

  • 3: Givt during the physical services

    Show the video before or during the service, show the projection slide during the collection and include a brief description in your order of service

  • 4: Givt in your emails or order of service

    Include a text on Givt in the communication you send out to your church, including the QR code or a Donate button.