Dear TSA Corps: Welcome to Givt!

We recently partnered with The Salvation Army to trial our app as a cashless giving solution for those who want to take part in a worship offering, be that online or in a gathered setting. We are delighted with the early success the trial Corps have experienced and we are now able to offer the service to the rest of TSA.
Some of the trial Corps came together recently to share their experience with Givt, please see the short video below.
Within a few weeks of using Givt the trial Corps have experienced increased amounts collected from viewers who previously didn’t have another means to give during the on-line service. With reactions from “pleased” and “pleasantly surprised” to “gobsmacked!”, all of the trial Corps that we spoke to have said that Givt has brought them benefit and nothing has been lost from using it. Although Standing Orders and Direct Debits are a great way to give monthly, having your congregations interact with worship through the online service and printed materials is lost without a cashless giving solution like Givt where users can give from home, in the church or in the street.
Joining is easy, please answer the few questions here and then let your congregation know how they can start to participate in an online offering. For more information you can also contact Major Richard Waters at