The Givt-Dashboard

Givt dashboard

Easy, as it should be

Find out for yourself how easy it is to use the Givt dashboard. It is designed together with its users and therefore fits your needs as well. Keeping track of your donations is easy, fast, and clear.

A few minutes work

Bookkeeping has never been this easy. Once a week the amount that is given via Givt is credited to your account. You only have to process a single transaction.

What are you going to do with all that time off?


Clear overview

The dashboard provides an overview of all donations done with Givt. You can see how much is given, and at what time, but not by whom. The money that is given during the collections can be followed on the Givt-dashboard from the moment of giving up to the full processing of the gift.

Event coming up?

Plan campaigns and easily request QR codes. The QR code is perfect for use in communication channels such as a website, a newsletter, or a poster. Actually, in any situation where there is no beacon and you still want to offer potential givers the opportunity to give something.

A QR code can get its own allocation, so that you can see how much is given to that specific QR-code on your dashboard.

QR aanvragen
Gebruiker worden

Would you like to use the Givt dashboard as well?

Are you excited? Do you want to use the Givt dashboard as well? Just create a callback request below or call us at + 31 320 320 117.


Even though we have designed the dashboard to be easy to use, it is still possible that you have questions. We are happy to help!

Send a message to support [@] or call us + 31 320 320 115.