Frequently asked questions

How do I use Givt?

What is Givt?

Donating with your smartphone
Givt is the solution for giving with your smartphone when you are not carrying cash. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and with the Givt app you can easily participate in any giving moment. You can find the Givt app for free in the App Store and in Google Play.

Making a donation is a personal and conscious moment, as we believe that making a donation is not just a financial transaction. Using Givt feels as natural as giving cash.

Why ‘Givt’?
The name Givt was chosen because it is about ‘giving’ as well as giving a ‘gift’. We were looking for a modern and compact name that looks friendly and playful. In our logo you might notice that the green bar combined with the letter ‘v’ forms the shape of an offering bag, which gives an idea of the function.

The Netherlands and Belgium
There is a team of specialists behind Givt, divided over the Netherlands and Belgium. Each one of us is actively working on the development and improvement of Givt.

How does Givt work?

The first step is installing the app. For Givt to work effectively, it’s important that you enable Bluetooth and have a working internet connection.

Then register by filling in your information and signing a mandate. Now you’re ready to give!

Open the app and select an amount. Then you can choose to scan a QR code, move your phone towards the collection bag or basket or select a goal from the list.
Your chosen amount will be saved, withdrawn from your account, and distributed to the church or collecting charity.

If you don’t have an internet connection when making your donation, the donation will be sent when you re-open the app. Check this page to find out more!

Is my phone suitable to use Givt?

The app works if your phone meets the following system version:
– iOS: from version 7 (from iPhone 4S)
– Android: from version 4.4

Do you use a Windows Phone? Unfortunately we do not support Windows.

It is important that you are connected to the internet and that bluetooth is switched on.

If you don’t have an internet connection when making your donation, the donation will be sent at a later time when you re-open the app. Like when you are in a WiFi zone.

How can I give?

It’s easy! Just open the Givt app, choose an amount and move your phone towards the collection device, scan a QR code or select a recipient from a list. Don’t forget to finish your registration, so your donations can be delivered to the right address. Check this page to find out more!

How can I give to multiple collections?

Are there multiple collections in one service? Even then you can easily give in one move!

By pressing the ‘Add collection’-button, you can activate up to three collections. For each collection, you can enter your own amount. Choose your collection you want to adjust and enter your specific amount or use the presets. You can delete a collection by pressing the minus sign, located to the right of the amount.

The numbers 1, 2 or 3 distinguish the different collections. No worries, your church knows which number corresponds to which collection purpose.

Multiple collections are very handy, because all your gifts are sent immediately with your first donation. In the overview you can see a breakdown of all your donations.

Do you want to skip a collection? Leave it open or remove it.

Why do I have to enable bluetooth when giving to a collection device?

Your phone receives a signal from the beacon inside the collection box, alms bag, or basket. This signal uses the bluetooth protocol. It can be considered as one-way traffic, which means there is no connection, in contrast to a bluetooth car kit or headset. It is a safe and easy way to let your phone know which collection box, alms bag, or basket is nearby. When the beacon is near, the phone picks up the signal and your Givt is completed.

Why does Givt need my location details?

When you use an Android phone, the Givt app can only detect the beacon in the collection device when your location details are known. That is why we need your location details. Your location details will not be sent to the server.

Questions from organisations

What are the possibilities with Givt?

At Givt, we never stand still but continues to develop. We have made it possible to give without cash in church, at events, and on the street. Givt offers different options to collect. Find some examples of how you can use Givt below.

Collection: Door-to-door, in church and on the street. Givt is used during the existing collections. This can be done with a beacon in the collection device, as well as a QR-code.

Website: Your website is an important part of your organisation. Give people the opportunity to also support you there. Users who already have the app Givt can simply scan the QR code. People who don’t have the app yet, can easily make a first donation by using the donation button.

Campaigns: Do you also collect for campaigns beside the usual collection? Then request a QR code. The QR code can get the same name as the campaign. This way you can easily see how much each campaign has raised on the dashboard. You can use the QR code anywhere, for example in printed newsletters, posters, and flyers.

Events: Do you have something to celebrate? Or are you organising an event? Experience the power of giving together with the Flash Givt. Giving is more special when it happens together. Curious how it works? Click here.

From your couch: The Givt app provides a list of all organisations that use Givt. This makes it possible to give from anywhere. For example, when watching the church services from your own home. In this way the users of the Givt app will be able to join in with the collection during the service.

How does it work?

In order to digitally collect with Givt two things are needed:

– The collecting organisation has chosen to use Givt and completed the corresponding steps.
– Users have installed the Givt app on their smartphone.

Organisations: Let us know that you want to use Givt. We make sure that you can be found in the app, and together we go through the necessary steps to transfer the money your account. We also discuss on how and where to deploy Givt and if needed we can give advice.

App users: The app users open the app, select the amount they want to give and scan a QR code, move their phone through a collection device or select a goal from the list. The selected amount is stored, debited from their bank account and transferred to the collecting organisation. The Givt app is available for free, you can download it in the App Store and on Google Play.

Dashboard: The chosen amount is debited from the user’s bank account and transferred to the account of the collecting organisation. Keeping track of your donations is easy, fast, and clear.

Who’s using Givt?

To date, around 600 organisations have chosen our solution for cashless giving. Dozens are added every month, which makes us the most used digital solution for collections.

More and more charities are choosing Givt to offer their givers the opportunity to give digitally. The first artists are now also using Givt!

For a complete overview of all organisations that use Givt, have a look here.

How safe is Givt?

Givt attaches great importance to security. We are aware that our service-providing role between donors and collecting organisations is based on trust.

An important part of giving with Givt is that a donor remains anonymous to the collecting organisation. To guarantee this, we will never sell any data and the data collected will only be used by us to optimise our service.

The transactions are handled by SlimPay; a bank specialising in the processing of direct debits. SlimPay is supervised by several national banks in Europe, including De Nederlandse Bank (DNB).

When installing the Givt app, the user authorises Givt to debit the donations made in the app. We want to emphasize that no transactions take place while giving with Givt. The transactions take place afterwards through a direct debit. As these can be revoked, it is completely safe and immune to fraud.

Organisations can log in to the Givt dashboard. The dashboard provides an overview of all donations done with Givt. You can see how much is given, and at what time, but not by whom. The money that is given during the collections can be followed on the Givt dashboard from the moment of giving up to the full processing of the donation.

What are the costs?

The Givt app is free to download in the App Store and in Google Play.
Of course there are costs associated with the use of Givt for collecting organisations. These costs consist of one-off start-up costs and costs when people give. The costs when people give consist of the service fee for Givt and the bank’s transaction costs.
We do not yet know exactly what the sum of costs will look like for your organisation. One of our colleagues is happy to come and discuss this. We can already reveal that the costs for Givt are lower than those of existing solutions, such as the use of authorization cards.
There are no organisations that have not seen a positive effect of Givt on their bottom line.

What are our values?

Our dream is that everyone is ready to give, anywhere and anytime.

We care about giving. That is why we want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute. In an easy and personal way, because in life technology should serve us – and not the other way around.

Everything we do is based on two beliefs:

-Giving is fundamentally different from paying. By giving you not only give money, you also show what you consider important and care about. We therefore also think the solution for giving without cash should be different from a solution for paying.

– When making Givt, we started from the wishes of the giver. Of course we also take collecting organisations into account, but our starting point is that we get the best product by focusing on the wishes of the giver. And only by taking the giver’s wishes seriously can they be enticed to give more.

Behind Givt is a team of specialists, spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, who are all involved with the development and improvement of Givt. User-friendliness is key in every choice we make.

Read more about us.

How can I use the dashboard?

With the Givt dashboard it is possible to see exactly how many people use Givt and what the related costs are. You can also gain insight into and manage the status of the donations received. You cannot see who gives and how much they give individually, but you do gain insight into overall statistics to better understand your givers.

The money that is given during the collections can be tracked on the Givt dashboard from the moment of giving until the complete processing of the donation.

My Givt account

How does registration work?

To use Givt, you have to register in the Givt app. Go to your app menu and choose ‘Finish registration’. You set up a Givt account, fill in some personal details and give permission to collect the donations made with the app. The transactions are handled by Slimpay – a bank that specialises in processing mandates. When your registration is complete, you are ready to give. You only need your login details to see or change your settings.

Why does Givt store my personal information?

Why we need your personal data:

Address information: We need your address information in order to create the mandate. The mandate is not valid without this information and you cannot complete your registration without it. The required data are determined by law.

Mobile number: We use your mobile number to send the SMS code needed for signing the mandate. This process is handled by our partner SlimPay.

Payment details: We need your payment information to debit the donations you make.

Email address: We use your email address to create your Givt account. You can use your email address and password to log in.

Want to know more? Read our privacy statement.

Can I use a passcode to log in?

Yes, you can choose to use a passcode in your menu.

When you enable the passcode, you can use your passcode instead of your e-mail address and password to access your settings. When you forget your passcode, you need your e-mail address and password to set a new passcode.

I forgot my password

No problem, things happen.

When you forget your password you can choose ‘Forgot your password?’. We will send an e-mail to your registered e-mail address, You can use the link in the e-mail to change your password. You can then login using that password.

How can I change my settings or personal information?

You can access your app menu by tapping the menu at the top left of the ‘Amount’ screen. To change your settings, you have to login using your e-mail address and password or passcode. In the menu you can find the overview of your donations, adjust your maximum amount, review and/or change your personal information, set a passcode, or terminate your Givt account.

My donations

Where can I see the overview of my donations?

Press the menu at the top left of the ‘Amount’ screen to access your app menu. To get access you have to login using your e-mail address and password or passcode. Choose ‘Donations’ to find an overview of your recent activity. This list consists of the name of the recipient, time, and date. The coloured line indicates the status of the donation: In process, processed, refused by bank, or cancelled by user.

You can request an overview of your donations for your tax declaration at the end of each year.

How long does it take before my donation is withdrawn from my bank account?

Your donation will be withdrawn from your bank account within two working days.

How is my anonymity guaranteed by Givt?

Givt ensures that the receiving party will never be able to see who has given the donation and that you, as a user, can give anonymously with Givt. Only the total amounts will be shared with the receiving party. Data from you as a user will never be resold to third parties, it is only used to make it easier for you to give and to be involved in the charities in a way that you prefer.

Do you want to read more about this? Then read our privacy statement.

How will my donation be withdrawn?

When installing Givt, the user gives the app authorisation to debit their account. The transactions are handled by Slimpay – a bank that specialises in processing these mandates..

Revertible afterwards
No transactions take place in the moment of giving. The transactions take place afterwards via a direct debit under Givt B.V. Since these transactions are revertible, it is completely safe and immune to fraud.

Can I revoke donations?

During the first 15 minutes after the donation was done in the app, it is possible to cancel the donation. Simply go to the donation overview and swipe the donation you want to cancel to the left. Cancelling is free of charge when doing it this way. Note: You can only cancel your donation if you have completed your registration in the Givt app.

No transactions take place in the moment of giving. The transactions take place afterwards via a direct debit. Since these transactions are revertible via your bank, it is completely safe and immune to fraud. This method of reversing does entail costs for the organisation to which you have given.

I want Givt!

Where do I download Givt?

You can find the Givt app in the App Store and Google Play. You can download it for free.

I want to collect with Givt. How can I do that?

Givt is always looking for new partners who wish to collect with our product. We believe in human contact and would like to make an appointment with you. During a personal meeting we can best determine the needs of your organisation and build a basis of trust.

Arrange a callback directly. We will contact you as soon as possible. You can always reach us via + 31 320 320 117 or info [at]

You can find more information on our page for collecting organisations.

I’m curious about Givt. How do I arrange a callback?


How safe is donating with Givt?

Safe and risk free
It is very important to us that everything is safe and risk free. Each user has a personal account with its own password. You need to login to view or change your settings.

Handling transactions
The transactions are handled by SlimPay; a bank specialized in processing mandates. SlimPay is under the supervision of several national banks in Europe, including the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Immune to fraud
When installing Givt, the user gives the app authorisation to debit their account.
We want to emphasise that no transactions take place in the moment of giving. The transactions take place afterwards via a direct debit under Givt B.V. Since these transactions are revocable, it is completely safe and immune to fraud.

Organisations can login to the Givt dashboard. This dashboard gives an overview of all financial transactions, from the moment of giving up to the full processing of the payment. In this way any collection can be followed from start to finish. Organisations can see how many people used Givt, but not who they are.

How does Givt handle my personal information? (GDPR)

Givt fully complies with the GDPR requirements. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

Wondering what this means for you? It means that we handle your information with care, that you have the right to know which information we keep on record, have the right to change this information, have the right to demand from us that we do not store your information, and that you may know why we need your personal information.

If you would like to know more, please read our privacy statement.


Are my Givt donations tax deductable?

Yes, your Givt donations are tax deductable, but only when you’re giving to institutions that are registered as ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) or SBBI (Social Importance Organisation). Check if the church or institution has such a registration. Since it’s quite a bit of work to gather all your donations for your tax declaration, the Givt app offers you the option to annually download an overview of your donations. You can use this overview for your tax declaration. It’s a piece of cake.

Where can I use Givt?

You can use Givt with all registered organisations. More are added weekly, have a look on to see the most recent overview.

How can I give with Givt through the Kerkdienst Gemist app?

If you’re watching using the Kerkdienst Gemist app, you can easily give with Givt when your church uses this service. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a small button that will take you to the Givt app. Choose an amount, confirm with ‘Yes, please’ and you’re done!