QR codes


What makes a Givt QR code so suitable for remote church services.

With Givt, only 1 QR code is required for remote services. We know that it is customary to hold multiple collections during a shift, so with our QR codes it is possible to give multiple collections at the same time with one scan.

The same QR code can be used every Sunday. It is not necessary to request a separate QR code for each service. The treasurer can easily find via the dashboard how much has been given per collection.
We have now adjusted the dashboard so that a treasurer can easily see how many people have given what amount during a shift. We made this to easily feed back the results to the listeners at home!

It is possible to request multiple QR codes for, for example, other fundraising activities outside the church services. Each QR code can be given the name of the specific target. This allows you to easily see how much was given through a specific code. So, for example, if you hold a fundraiser for a youth camp, senior outing, for the shipment or the like, additional codes can be requested free of charge.

All gifts are transferred weekly as a total amount to the Church’s account and not as individual gifts. In short, much less work for the treasurer.

Once you have downloaded the Givt app, people in the regular services can also give with Givt when the channels are placed in the collection bags. They choose how much they want to give (to the different collections) and move their phone along the collection bag. Despite the new way of giving, they continue to participate during the collection moment. This way of giving is an additional giving option in addition to cash and collection vouchers. In this way, Givt users can continue to provide measures in the service even after the corona.

What makes Givt’s QR code so user-friendly for the giver

One QR code for multiple collection runs.

Givers determine how much they give per collection. So they only have to scan the QR code once to give. Click here for more information about giving to multiple collections.

Gifts are automatically collected in an annual overview.
The gifts via the Givt app to goals with ANBI status are collected and processed in an overview in the app. For example, the giver can easily deduct the gifts in the tax return. That saves a lot of time and energy.

Moreover, giving with Givt is anonymous and no internet connection is required during giving.

What makes Givt’s QR code so safe.

Givt is not an open banking system, which another website can secretly be behind.
Our app only responds to QR codes provided by us. So you always know for sure that the Givt will end up at the church that has been given.
Giving with Givt works with an automatic authorization. The security of SEPA direct debits makes it possible to withdraw gifts from your bank. This makes our solution the most secure solution available.

Do you also have remote services during the corona measures?
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